Fabric Scoop Sport Shallow

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310 Grams

Product Overview

Enjoy unparalleled comfort and performance in a saddle shaped for you. Fabric's groundbreaking design reinvents saddle making to create an incredibly responsive, comfortable, light and durable saddle.

State-of-the-art saddle design builds in comfort to every ride. The unique three-part construction strips away the compression and tension found in traditional hard, stretched-cover saddles. Fabric achieve this by bonding a waterproof microfiber straight onto a flexible base, allowing them to use a softer foam, giving you added comfort, wherever you're headed.

The Shallow profile has a more rounded rear section and medium padding. This profile is for riders leaning forwards, in a more natural riding position; typically the handlebars will be slightly lower than the saddle with the rider’s weight being split between the saddle and handlebars more evenly, requiring less padding on the saddle.


  • Rails: Steel (7mm)
  • Base: Flexible PP
  • Cover: Waterproof Microfibre
  • Profile: Shallow
  • Weight: 310g
  • Width: 142mm
  • Length: 282mm
  • Mid rail to saddle topper 48mm