Miss Grape Cluster Saddle Bag 13L

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500 Grams

Product Overview

The Miss Grape Cluster 13 Waterproof under-seat bag is a must have for those taking a bike trip. An essential item for any bikepacking experience.
Whether you are going on a month-long or one-night trip, the Cluster 13 will prove to be indispensable, super tough and mega water proof it won't let you down.

The careful choice of materials makes the Cluster 13 extremely resistant to stress, thats thanks to its tear-resistant fabric. This bag has now become well known and appreciated in the world of bikepacking.

In the lower part there is a double layer reinforced fabric insert, the Cluster does not fear any contact with the rear wheel and acts as a mudguard. The bag is fixed to the seatpost with two resistant Velcro straps covered inside with an anti-slip material that guarantees an excellent grip and reduces the possible abrasion effect on the seatpost by 50%. Can also be mounted on carbon saddles and saddles.

Technical specifications -

  • Nylon 420 polyester 300 dotted fabric with water-repellent polyurethane resin coating 10,000 water columns, tear-proof with very high mechanical resistance.
  • Smooth black fabric ( wheel area ) in polyester with double PVC phthalate-free coating, 30.000 water columns.
  • Custom polypropylene ribbons, black/green and black colour.
  • Nylon plastic accessories.
  • The Cluster 13 WP bag is produced in Italy and certified according to Reach CE n. 1097/2006. 1097/2006.
  • Waterproof Saddle pack - Capacity 13L, 14cm Wide, Max length 49cm.
Made In Italy.