Miss Grape Moon Handlebar Bag

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155 Grams

Product Overview

The Moon bar bag is designed to fit various styles of handlebars to carry all the essentials for a day out on the bike.

Two straps with a cam buckle fastening system make mounting quick and easy along with an elastic band that attaches to the head tube prevents the bag from bouncing/ swaying.

A comfort zip located on the top of the bag makes it easy and convenient to access all your supplies.

On the rear there are two wrap around straps ideal for housing a pump or a small tripod. For the sides, 2 mesh pockets for more snacks.

The Moon bag is made of a Weather-Resistant, highly durable nylon/ polyester mix material.

Technical specifications -

  • Black dotted nylon 420 polyester 300 mix with water-repellent polyurethane 10 000 water columns.
  • Nylon buckles and comfort zip handle.
  • Rigid plastic internal to help keep its shape.
  • The Moon bag is produced in Italy and certified according to Reach CE n.1097/2006
  • Moon Bar Bag - Capacity 2L, 11cm Wide, 23cm Length

Made In Italy.