Velo Orange Grand Cru Drillium 110 Fluted Double Crankset - 34x48 Tooth

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645 Grams

Product Overview

Back in the day we drilled holes in our chainrings to make them lighter. The weight savings were minimal, but they sure looked cool. Our Drillium Crankset recaptures the look. It's based on the Grand Cru 110 cranks. 

They may look like a vintage crank, but are  made of modern high-strength alloy. The CNC cut chainrings feature ramps and pins for fast and smooth shifting. The crank arms have classically styled reliefs. Grand Cru cranks are cold forged. The chainrings are full 7075 alloy for high durability. The Q-factor is very low at 150mm.

The finish is high polish front and back or smooth noir front and back. The dust caps are alloy and function as self extractors with the supplied crank bolts.

Use a 118mm BB on most bikes. Weight is around 645g. 6-11 speed compatible.