Velo Orange Grand Cru High Flange Front Hub

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250 Grams

Product Overview

The counterpart to our rear Grand Cru Freewheel Hubs and Grand Cru Touring Hubs: like the rear hubs, our High Flange Front Hub features the same polished and clear anodized finish, chrome plated axle and high quality Japanese bearings (the same that you might find on a hub that costs twice as much). The hubshell design is a VO original and the Grand Cru logo is stamped - not laser etched - giving it a more classic yet very durable aesthetic.

The quick release in included. Available in both 32-hole and 36-hole versions.

Frame Spacing 100mm

Spoke Flange Diameter: 61mm

Center to Flange Left: 32mm, Right: 32mm