Fairweather Bullmoose B903 Bars, Silver

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693 Grams

These Bullmoose Bars are a collaboration between Fairweather and Nitto in Japan. They have created a handlebar combining the looks of an 80's MTB handlebar with the modern 1 1/8" steerer tube compatability. At 710 mm wide, it's the widest handle bar we sell. The nickel finished bars are set up with a 15 deg sweep back and have a grip area of 27 cm, so you have room to cut the bars down depending on your preference. The stem aspect of the bar extends 90 mm forward with no rise. Made of chromoly, it's a great addition to any frame you're trying to give an old school look to.

Weighs 693gr.

90mm Reach. 

Brake lever diameter 22.2mm

Made of Steel. 

Back sweep 15 degree.