Wheel Building

Some things in the bike world just can't be beaten and a decent, lovingly constructed hand-built wheel is defiantly one (or two) of those things.

A truly great hand-built wheel requires a few vital ingredients - A reliable and dependable hub, a well constructed rim, quality spokes/nipples and of course the time and experience of the wheel builder. 

This combination results in a far superior wheel that can be built with your component choice and build combination which also has ease of serviceability.

Also the wheel can be structured to the rider, the discipline in which the wheels are used for, the rider weight and height if required. Choose lacing configuration for different styles of riding and machines, disc, radial, 2,3,4 cross patterns or even snowflake! But Snowflake is more for the look.....

And with over 30 years of experience, we've built wheels for trikes, electric bikes, weekend warriors and die-hard off road riders so we know what it takes to create a high standard wheel.

From this page you can find links to wheel builds we offer. And if we don't offer them, please call or email.

Freshtripe Wheel Build.

Custom Wheel Set For Velo Orange Neutrino frames - Black Or Silver.

Velo Orange Rim and Disc Hub laced with Sapim Race Spokes and Brass Nipples. Perfect for Touring, Randonneuring and Gravel. Built by us.

Growtac x Freshtripe Epic Road Race wheel set can be found here.