Busch&Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U 70 Lux

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Product Overview

      The LUXOS U is Busch & Muller's premium light IQ2 technology with a combined light and reflector which has a light field twice as wide as previous LED head lights. The LUXOS illuminates an area that is several times larger with maximal homogeneous output. In Busch and Mullers own words: 'So wide, so far, so pristinely bright'
      The new light provides a very wide range of light, both in front of the bicycle and to the sides extending beyond the edges of the road and over 30 meters in front of the bicycle thanks to the additional LEDs which are managed electronically
      The Licht24 daytime running light has signalling LEDs shining brightly forwards. A sensor automatically switches between day and night mode
      The integrated buffer battery suppling the charging current to the USB port and powers the flood and parking light functions. To fully charge the backup battery, you require 20 minutes at a speed above 17 km/h without a USB device connected and with lights switched off. The Luxos is then optimally prepared for operating/charging a USB device within its capabilities
      The Luxos U is not comparable with a normal mains charger for mobile devices, it supplies devices with power. currently this may suffice for charging applications at high current loads, sometimes it is just enough to slow down the battery use. The higher the speed the more charging current is potentially available. At slow speeds, the buffer battery in charging mode cannot recharge because only limited energy is available from the dynamo (about 3 W at a speed of 15 km/h). Some mobile phones however, use up to 5W. This means that the cache battery is charged first, without that no power is supplied via the USB output. Once a certain state of charge is reached, the output will switch to the USB. If the mobile phone empties the battery, the power supply to the USB output is switched off at its minimum charge level and the buffer battery only is recharged. With these breaks in charging some USB devices indicate with the 'start of charging' sound

                      We recommend buying the Luxos U from a bike shop where you can try your device to minimise exchanges if your device will not charge. If your primary use is to be the charging of mobile               devices, we recommend the E-WERK. This device has no integrated buffer battery, which functions as a lock and generally a higher wattage is available than the Luxos U. 


  •  70 or 90 Lux output
  • 90 Lux flood light
  • Licht24 Daytime running light
  • USB devise charging option
  • Panorma light at close range
  • Handlebar control push button
  • Cache battery
  • Automatic sensor
  • Rear light monitoring
  • Standlight