Fabric Scoop Elite Flat

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244 Grams

Product Overview

Enjoy unparalleled comfort and performance in a saddle shaped for you. Fabric's groundbreaking design reinvents saddle making to create an incredibly responsive, comfortable, light and durable saddle.

State-of-the-art saddle design builds in comfort to every ride. The unique three-part construction strips away the compression and tension found in traditional hard, stretched-cover saddles. Fabric achieve this by bonding a waterproof microfiber straight onto a flexible base, allowing them to use a softer foam, giving you added comfort, wherever you're headed.

The Flat profile has the flattest rear section and the lowest amount of padding. This profile is designed for the most aggressive riding position; the rider in this position will be pushing the hardest through the pedals. The Flat profile also has a thinner nose to allow better leg movement.


  • Rails: Cro-mo (7mm)
  • Base: Flexible Nylon
  • Cover: Waterproof Microfiber
  • Profile: Flat
  • Weight: 244g
  • Width: 142mm
  • Length: 282mm
  • Mid rail to saddle topper 47mm