Miss Grape Node 2H Top Tube Bag

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125 Grams

Product Overview

The Node 2H has two holes underneath for mounting on frames with two-bolt mounting holes in the top tube.

It’s very stable thanks to this attachment system. This ensures that the bag holds on to the top tube and avoids the annoying side rocking when pedalling.

It has two external mesh pockets, ideal for small items or to shove the papers of consumed energy bars.

The Node 2H bag is made of Weather-Resistant fabric but is not waterproof. It is recommended to use a watertight bag for items that should stay absolutely dry.

Technical specifications -

  • Nylon 420 polyester 300 dotted fabric with water-repellent polyurethane resin coating 10,000 water columns
  • Nylon plastic accessories
  • Riri hinge model "Aquazip" M8 weather resistant
  • The Node bag is produced in Italy and certified according to Reach CE n. 1097/2006
  • Capacity 0.5L, 7cm Wide, 25cm Length, 12cm Height
Made In Italy.