RAL Touring Patch

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1 Grams

Product Overview

Clothes that have worn through; bags that have faded after so many days out in the sun; sweaters that have holes in them? Even now, after not using them much favourites are hard to just throw away.

You can spend time and money to fix them, but a fresh way to enjoy your old favourites is certainly by self-customizing and revitalising with a patch. A thoughtful textile that will surely help you when you want to revitalise or dress up an old favourite - 'Go Through A Rough Patch'

Because of their small size they are recommended not only for clothes but also for customising luggage and cycling bags. 

36 x 39mm

* When gluing with an iron, set the iron to a medium temperature (around 150°C / 302°F) and apply the iron over a patch or parchment paper.
* Please check the durable temperature of the fabric to be adhered before installing.
* Please be careful not to get burned.
Made in the USA by Falls Creek Outfitters.
Illustration By Edit Design & Supply.