SimWorks - The Homage 26 Tyre - Green x Tan 26 x 1.95

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550 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

The name of ‘HOMAGE’ came up in our minds unintentionally when we started talking about the image of a collaboration tyre with Panaracer. We grow up along with mountain bikes and finally we seriously take another good look at its history. We don’t believe that there is such a stuff called ‘out of date’. We are going to realize that it is something useful and amazing stuff depending on how we play and use at any times by using high quality materials nowadays. We also believe that ATB needs to combine tread pattern, comfortability, and durability which cannot be any problems with any road circumstances, so that whoever comes across this great journey will pay the highest respect because we know what they want.

We want to enjoy various things beyond genre. And after releasing The Homage Tyre, the next request they had been playing in the same way was a 26 inch version, Good. I got it. Call and response. Using the original Mach SS tire mold, Kevlar beads, modern casing and compound, this complete ATB tyre can be said to be one of the heights. Let's roll at supersonic speed!

From Us -

Big up the MACH SS!! Solid all-rounder now dressed to impress.

Tubeless Ready.

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