STASHERS Modular Insulated Adventure Bag Real Tree Camo

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£40.00 - £60.00
305 Grams

Product Overview

The new STASHERS v3.0 modular insulated bags features a food-grade removable liner to safely carry fruit, snacks, ice, etc. Use the liner with the cans or remove the liner to carry cans with coozies on them.

The strap design on the bags is a key feature  - the wide, durable straps reach all the way around the bag allowing added support and stability for your precious cargo. You can tighten the bag to the tube/location as much as possible vs just connecting the straps from the top of the bag. 

All bag sizes connect together via a unique patented loop and strap system. The straps tighten securely to just about any location on a bike, backpack, roll bars, etc. They are extra strong and long and fit up to a 3" diameter: ATVs, Jeeps, Kayaks, and other outdoorsy stuff. Everything will stay warm or cold as you travel to your destination. 

The unique zipper placement allows for easy access to contents while the tube cooler is safely secured to your top tube or the other tube coolers. You don't need to remove the bag at any time to access the contents.

Are you worried about cans exploding? Contrary to popular belief they will not explode. Only in extreme temperatures will a can potentially explode and the insulated bags will actually help prevent that from happening. They will keep water from freezing in very cold temps which can be very beneficial to backcountry riders. 

When used all together these modular, insulated bags become a well organized storage system for all your drinks, food, clothing, extra gear and anything else you want to bring along.

Small 2-Can 10" x 3.5"

Medium 3-Can 15" x 3.5"

Large 4-Can 20.5" x 3.5"

  • ULTRA insulated - now with 50% more insulation than the 2.0 version
  • NEW Food-Grade Removable Liner
  • Durable waterproof tarpaulin
  • Extra tough waterproof zippers
  • Fits cans with coozies on them, Pint Cans, Tall Boys, Bombers, Water-bottles, Bidons and many Wine Bottles.
  • Modular design connects to other tube bags, bike frames, roll bars and other bikepacking gear.