Titanium 'Hephaestus' Seat Post


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254 Grams

Product Overview

Titanium is legendarily hard to cut, weld and work with, but the benefits are clear at first sight: It’s highly resistant to fatigue, cracking and corrosion, extremely strong and incredibly light. It maintains an exotic sheen that’s unmistakeable, and as the material of choice for pioneering spaceships, its exoticism goes beyond looks.

Undiscovered until 1791 and named for the supremely strong Titans of Greek myth – Titanium remains a wonder-material. All this, plus a natural ‘springiness’ that damps vibration which makes it a perfect material for high specification cycle components.

So naturally Ti bike parts are awesome! This is a great lightweight seat post, which is a perfect upgrade at a decent price.

300mm and 27.2 only. With 0 degree offset.