Velo Orange PBP Rim - 700c

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Was: £60.00
Now: £45.00
450 Grams

Product Overview

For years cyclists have lamented the loss of the simple box section rim in a shiny silver polished finish. So Velo Orange has worked with one of the premier rim companies in Taiwan to find a replacement. We researched different widths, shapes, materials and what was currently on the market. It quickly became apparent that we needed to offer an alloy doublewall rim. Doublewall construction adds a bit of weight as compared to singlewall (or open box) rims, but we feel a classic doublewall box design is far superior in terms of overall strength, load capacity and impact resistance, particularly with modern aluminum alloys.

The PBP rims weigh around 450g. The 19mm outside width and 13.2mm inside width is ideal for tires up to 32mm. ERD is 606mm. We paid a little more for stainless eyelets and a lot more for a high polish non-anodized finish. We kept the graphics down to an absolute minimum; there is a simple VO sticker for identity. The 700c PBP rim is offered in 36 and 32 hole versions. Price is per rim.

We recommend 90-110 kgf for these rims. You should not exceed 115 kgf.

Rim Inside Width: 13.2mm

Rim Outside Width: 19mm

Rim Side Wall Height: 12mm

ERD: 606mm