Velo Orange Saddle Care

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113 Grams

For many years, I've been wearing hiking boots made by Peter Limmer and Sons. Since 1919 this small New Hampshire company has been crafting what are among the finest custom-made boots in the world.

About 20 or 30 years ago I had an informative discussion with Peter about leather care. I'd thought the latest high tech petroleum based treatments were the way to go, but Peter patiently explained how they broke down the leather and shortened a boot's useful life. He had developed a natural leather treatment that would not over-soften or break down leather over the years. I've used it on my boots and saddles and briefcase ever since.

So when we decided to make a VO leather treatment we called Peter Limmer. It turns out that Peter rides a Brooks saddle (we're sending him a VO saddle ) and agreed to make a leather saddle treatment for us. It contains natural hydrocarbons, lanolin, silicone, oils, and a just little white camphor oil. That camphor oil was added because Peter's dog tried to eat the original mix, plus camphor oil smells nice.

This 4oz (113g) jar should last for many years.