WTB Resolute TCS Fast Rolling Tyre 650B x 42mm

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450 Grams

Product Overview

The WTB Resolute TCS Light Fast Rolling tyre is the perfectly balanced all-weather gravel tyre. It features small square knobs across its tread, which provides consistent grip and traction on a wide variety of terrain. The generous spacing between the tread creates efficient mud clearing when the weather turns wet. This tyre is truly an all-season set and forget gravel tyre for top performance in all weather conditions.


Use: Gravel
Conditions: Dry, wet, hardpack, loose gravel
Casing: TCS Light
Casing Width: 42mm
Weight: 450g


TCS Tubeless: TCS tyres boast the ride benefits of a tubeless tyre with the reduced weight of a non-UST tyre. TCS tyres combine WTB's lightweight casing with a sealant tubeless, UST compliant bead.
TCS Light: A supple, tubeless compatible and lightweight carcass designed to be compliant and conform to trail objects while still providing a happy balance of low rotational weight and rugged reliability.