Ballern Cycle Works 'Sexy Rack'

Posted by Sam on 9th Dec 2022

Ballern Cycle Works 'Sexy Rack'

The ludicrously luscious loveable handmade bag support rack from Ballern Cycle works has landed!

Finally a fantastic front bag support that will suit most bike packing/touring bags or harnesses. Happy-go-lucky homemade dry-bags are welcome too. 

In short what the sexy rack does is fit neat and tidy on your steerer tube instead of a spacer, 15mm to be precise. Under the stem it sits proud, pushing forwards past the face plate then delightfully and delicately bending downwards and back out, creating a sexy stainless S shape. 

Attached is a brace bar which is the main support for a bag. Bags with daisy chain loops can be hooked over this or Voile straps can be used to hold fast to the BCW rack. 

In turn the Sexy Rack eliminates bags from dropping to low and hanging up on tyres, stops it from crushing cables and keeps ya frame scratch free, oh and it's damn hot!! 

Perfect bags for this handmade wonder workhorse are - Velo Orange Biggish BagWizard Works Shazam BagRoad Runner Jammer BagSwift Industries ZeitgeistWit Slinger Handlebar bag and Ron's Fabio's Chest plus loads more..... 

Check this site for a damn good list of bike bags.

Ballern Cycle Works