Fill Ya Belly!

Posted by Sam on 24th Jul 2020

Fill Ya Belly!

Let's start off with a marvellous poem from the guys at Outdoor Provisions....

We’re for the paddlers, pedallers and park runners.
The weekend warriors, school-night explorers and back-of-a-napkin map drawers.
The sunset racers, snow line seekers, and bridleway pacers.
The padded of short, chapped of lip and salty of hair.

We’re for the bikepackers, campfire cooks, and ultra-distance lovers.
The Munro baggers, bivvy baggers and always carrying tea baggers.
The chalky fingered, muddy faced and blistered of foot.
The stargazers, bothy seekers and wetsuit wrestlers.

We’re for the wild campers, switchback junkies and bushcraft buffs.
The ramblers, scramblers and off-piste gamblers.
The dust caked, knee scraped and mud splattered.
The alpine starters, tide watchers and leave-no-trace practitioners.

We’re for the wild swimmers, kit tinkerers and footpath purists.
The fly-tyers, mid-morning bimblers and most trusted belayers.
The van lifers, camp makers, foragers and twitchers.
The dog walkers, gear geeks and golden hour hunters.

We’re for the fresh-air-heads.

For almost a year now Outdoor Provisions have been making cold-pressed, hand rolled, slow release, vegan energy bars. Delicious, delicious

Yes we've tried them, yes we like them, naaah LOVE them!. 

And this is why -

Tasty, check

Environmentally friendly, check

Hand made in the UK, check

They work, check!

P-P-P-Pick up some Provisions here Yummy....Fast and chow down.

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