Next Gen Crazy Bars

Posted by Sam on 2nd Nov 2021

Next Gen Crazy Bars

Is it just me, or do bike nerds love a good tinker? And swapping bars round in your parents beaten up garage on a cold autumnal eve is surely a magical memory many of us bicycle boffins share.

Borrowing your mates risers and fearlessly shredding the local trails to pinching mum's trusty town bars for that rickety fixed gear rig, that you'll swear 'I'll put brakes on'.

Have we changed that much? The Velo Orange team certainly haven't, and good job too!

It seems like the 8 years have just skipped by since the first Crazy Bars were announced and over those years a few tweaks in lengthening and sweep, clamp size and added Noir finish have happened organically to fantastically form this lovingly long-awaited version.

Crazy looking and insanely comfortable to ride. The Crazy Bars certainly fall into their own category of awesome.

If your looking for a new bar buddy that will see you right on appealing asphalt to gruesome gravel, flat bar touring or just fancy a swap for the MTB sitting idle in the garage, these bars could be the one!

Check out - Velo Orange's Blog And for more details. Get em' here