Brooks B17 Special

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540 Grams

Product Overview

For over 100 years the B17 has been, and still is the ideal bicycle saddle for commuting, gravel, road, touring and trekking use. A real staple in the world of bicycle saddles.

Each beautiful B17 Special is handmade in the Smethwick, England factory with hand-hammered copper rivets and hand skived lower flaps, with copper plated rails to finish.

Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather is used for strength, beauty and durability. Leather is a naturally breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being, the leather top is suspended over the saddle rail to create a suspended moulded seat, similar to a hammock, for tailored lasting comfort.

Brooks back this up with an extended 10-year guarantee on all leather saddles this is founded on the quality and consistency of materials and their exceptional craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 275mm long, 175mm wide, 65mm high