Nitto Mod.104 Neat Bar


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310 Grams
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Product Overview

The Nitto Mod.104 Neat bar has been a staple from the NITTO Family since 1980 (probably even earlier!), its name back then was the Universiade B104 and it hasn't changed much. Updating over the years this handlebar has become wider and heat-treated - The Mod part. Cable groves have been added too - The Neat part.

Classic road race shape with a perfect amount of reach on the ramps, great for non-STI and STI levers.

Heat-treated aluminium = Strong AF!

Requires brake levers with 23.8mm clamp diameter.

Mod.104 bars have a 26.0mm stem clamp diameter.

140mm drop.

65mm reach.

Flare angle is 86 deg.

Drop measurements - Centre To Centre.


Hood measurements - Centre To Centre.

440mm = 400mm.

Made In Japan.