Brooks C19 Carved All-Weather Cambium

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490 Grams

Product Overview

Made for years of hard riding! The Cambium All Weather is a durable and comfortable saddle that's ready to ride. Thanks to its vulcanised natural rubber top giving flexible performance ability, requiring no breaking in period. Fibreglass nose-piece and saddle plate adds comfort and stability for the duration of any ride in all conditions.

From freezing rain to blazing sunshine, the waterproof, weatherproof nylon cover is made to perform flawlessly in all conditions. Additionally the back plate has loops for a saddle bag or other accessory's supporting up to 3kg.

A perfect saddle for chill gravel/road riding or long touring, from relaxed bikepacking to urban cycling or for those just looking for a comfortable saddle when commuting. Great for cargo bikes and better suited for upright riders, the C19 is the perfect bike seat!

Dimensions: 275mm long, 1684mm wide, 57mm high