Brooks Swift

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510 Grams

Product Overview

The handsome Swift is the youngest racing saddle in the Brooks range. It features delicately hand skived lower sides, where a thin stripe of the leather top surface is cut back, thus exposing the lighter coloured suede beneath which makes for an attractive visual accent and greater comfort when pedalling. The large copper rivets at the nose and tail are hand hammered.

The Swift proudly sports a metal nameplate at the rear, and in addition two embossed graphic details on the sides featuring the saddle name and incorporating an icon of a Swift in flight. A perfect saddle for racing or fast touring in the forward position.

Only the finest premium vegetable tanned leather is used for strength, beauty and durability. Leather is a naturally breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being, the leather top is suspended over the saddle rail to create a suspended moulded seat, similar to a hammock, for tailored lasting comfort.

Brooks back this up with an extended 10-year guarantee on all leather saddles this is founded on the quality and consistency of materials and their exceptional craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 272mm long, 150mm wide, 72mm high