Cane Creek 40 EC30 1" Threadless Headset

Cane Creek

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130 Grams
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Product Overview

Featuring a full alloy construction – sealed cartridge bearings, 6000 series alloy cups and a sealed steel crown race, the Forty series headset sets the standard for almost all other headsets to be judged. (Not you CK the Kings Hat is the best!)
The 40-Series is the work-horse of Cane Creek's headset line-up. This series incorporates all the features necessary for a durable, light-weight, long-lasting headset and represents the perfect balance of performance, durability and value.
This is 1" threadless headset.
We sell new bearings here, when needed.
Hot Tip - To promote the life of your headset bearings, every 6-8 months, take them out clean and re-grease (with a film of grease). But making sure to turn the bearings 90 degrees when dropping back into the cups.