Cedaero Tank Top LD


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200 Grams
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Product Overview

From The Cedaero Crew -

Starting out as a three person operation, Cedaero quickly grew into a team of adventurers, nomads, bike nerds, and gear junkies making some of the best custom bikepacking and touring bicycle bags on the market.

Think of this as a go-to pack for all the items you need to quickly access like phone, food, keys, basic tools, etc. The Tank Top has two Velcro & ToughTek cinch straps and a moveable Velcro OneWrap cinch on the stem to keep it from flopping like a fish. The burly water resistant #9 coil zipper with Nanosphere Coating enables easy single-handed opening without sticking and added extra water resistant power.

Internal foam padding provides some cushion and gives structure to the pack. The interior is equipped with a flat mesh pocket and a key hook. The Tank Top fits most bikes, however the large joint where the down tube meets the top tube on some mountain and fat bikes makes the Velcro Strap Extension necessary and super useful.

15 oz Martexin Waxed Canvas with a 200D Nylon Lining. 1.37 Litre Capacity - 10.8" x 4.5" x 2.25"

***Waxed canvas packs may require occasional re-waxing with heavy use, and cannot be run through the washing machine like our other packs *** 

Made In The US, Two Harbors, Minnesota.

From Us -

We could wax lyrical about the bike bag subject and there's loads out and about now, which is great! But for the UK market we felt something was missing - a super tough and incredibly water resistant waxed top tube bag. Waxed stuff is awesome! 

These top tube bags are extremely water resistant due to the materials used, but are not technically waterproof. Short of submerging these underwater or heavy pressure washing, they will keep your belongings dry. We always recommend putting sensitive items in a zip lock or dry bag for peace of mind!

These guys offer more products, so please get in touch if theres anything that takes your fancy. We would be happy to special order.