Dia-Compe ENE Ciclo Wing Shifters

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164 Grams

Product Overview

Do you ever find a requirement for drop handlebar mounted gear shifters, but struggle to match the many various index shifting systems, or simply have a retro style bike that you would feel could benefit from more convenient gear lever positioning?

Dia-Compe's owner, Kozo Yoshigai has created a retro innovation: ENE Wing Shift levers combine the convenience of handlebar mounted shifters with retro style non-indexed shifting control.

The "Wing" design allows you to use thumb activation, whilst the power ratchet mechanism allows for a light action when pulling against the gear mech springs. 

A drop handlebar mounted non-indexed fiction shift system that works with Shimano and Campag. Not compatible with Sram.

22-24mm clamp size.

Sold as a pair.