Dia-Compe Gran Compe 610 Centre Pull Brakes

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190 Grams

Product Overview

Finally, a super high-quality centerpull brake at a reasonable price. The 610s are super stiff CNC machined centerpulls with 47 to 61mm reach. Top of the line centerpull brakes, like these, generally have better stopping power than sidepulls. What is more important is that they have better modulation, meaning the brake pressure is more linear and controllable.

Note that the version we sell has been upgraded with VO alloy cartridge brake shoes and VO pads. This makes adjusting toe-in easy. But any Shimano-type pads fit. It was really nice of the folks at Dia-Compe to accommodate VO in this since they also make their own brake pads.

These brakes fit frames made for either recessed or nutted brake bolts. Two bolt spacers are included to allow them to fit most older frames as well as modern frames.

Use only Dia-Compe straddle cables. Use of longer straddle cables can cause problems.

By the way, Dia-Compe makes a neat little mini-rack that bolts directly to the front brake.

Includes cable hanger for straddle wire.

Price Per Pair.