Ergon GP3 BioKork Grips

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255 Grams

Product Overview

Combining ergonomics, function and sustainability the GP3 BioKork is a top-rated grip and a consumer favourite.

The unique qualities of cork means that its antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Cork’s natural damping qualities also make it an ideal grip material - Low density equals a lighter grip. The BioKork grips use 40% cork, sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal which is certified for its ecologically sound production.

This ecological theme is continued throughout the rest of the grip. The inner core is plastic reinforced using natural fibre, which make up 40% of its mass. In place of mineral oil, the gel in the palm section of the grip is vegetable oil based. It is all a result of Ergon’s “GreenLab” initiative.

Maximum comfort and best possible pressure distribution in a grip designed for touring or mountain biking but works just as well on town bikes! Turn the grip to get the correct support platform position. Carbon bar compatible.

These sizes refer to the gripping circumference. The Large size is a thicker grip, and the Small is a thinner grip. Two size options offer better hand closure around the grip surface. These size differences have a direct impact on the overall handling of the bike, as well as comfort. 

  • Small:
    Glove Size: 6,5" - 8,5" (XS – L)
    92 mm Hand Circumference
  • Large:
    Glove Size: 8,5" - 10,5" (XL – XXL)
    102 mm Hand Circumference