GSI Collapsible Java Drip

GSI Outdoors

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136 Grams
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Product Overview

The collapsible silicone Java Drip uses any brand of #4 filter for easy, fresh brewed coffee. Simply rest the filter on any container from a wide mouth water bottle to a small pot and you are ready to brew. The convenient storage cover doubles as a trivet to rest your filter upon after brewing.

The collapsible drip cone holds #4 filter to brew 1-12 cups of coffee and the transparent base helps prevent over-filling.

Unique flange helps centre drip cone over mugs, cups and wide-mouth bottles for stable, spill-free brewing.

Sturdy, silicone bellows design collapses into a 1" high, 5.6" diameter disc; Expands to 3.6" high.

Dimensions 5.6 x 5.5 x 1"