Honjo H58 Fluted Smooth Mudguards 16 x 41mm - Brompton


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Product Overview

Honjo-Koken's classic H58 mudguards are fluted and have a hand polished silver smooth finish and enough clearance for running 16 x 1-3/8 tyres.

They're a little trickier to fit than standard plastic mudguards. They aren’t pre-drilled, so you'll need to create the holes to fit the stays yourself – On the plus side this means you have more control over their position, precision aesthetics and avoid any potential problems with toe overlap.

They come complete with all the necessary hardware, although if you're fitting to a bike without caliper brakes you'll need two M6 bolts of the appropriate length to fit to the fork crown and seatstay bridge.

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen from polished aluminium - Honjo Koken mudguards are such a work of art that you will probably not want to get them wet! Located just outside of Tokyo - Honjo Koken have been manufacturing these quality guards since 1949.

Each batch of these attractive and distinctive mudguards are made to order.

Honjo mudguards come with stays and fitting kit.

15mm high by 41mm wide.

Made In Japan.