Izumi x MASH SF 410 Track Chain Silver

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411 Grams

Product Overview

There’s no better chain for the price than the hard-working 410 series. Need extreme rust resistance? The 410TG’s special surface plating fends off the worst corrosion.

The MASH SF special-edition 410 series features all the same tech that makes these some of most-dependable chains on the market. With special colour combinations available only on these limited-edition versions, Izumi x MASH smash style, function, bling, and strength into one package. 

It's a beautiful, hard-wearing chain that can be matched to your frame, wheels, grips or saddle for extra style points. With a handful of different colour combinations including the signature Jet Black finish, there’s a 410 chain that’s perfect for any single speed rig, town beater or fixed gear shredder.

Every 410 chain uses the same side-plate steel as the Izumi-V for unparalleled abrasion resistance.

Jet Black plates 'n' pins with silver rollers.

116 links and 1/2x1/8 pitch only.

Made In Japan.