MKS Sylvan Works Cargo Cage


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59 Grams
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Product Overview

Sylvan Works is the outdoor and adventure line of MKS (Mikashima Seisakusho). The greatest Japanese pedal manufacturer that is MKS has just celebrated its 70th anniversary!

This is a high-quality, durable cargo cage created using the company's Sylvan pedal manufacturing technology.

By attaching the Sylvan Cargo Cage to braze-on mounts such as your fork, you can conveniently increase the amount of cargo you can carry.

The included L-shaped bottom plate will support loads from below and when the bottom plate is removed, you can attach long items such as dry bags, camping equipment or baguettes.

65 x 177 x 19 mm.

Bottom plate extension 42mm.

Made In Japan.

Price Per Piece.