Nitto F-16 Bag Support


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129 Grams

Product Overview

The Nitto F-16 is a quick and easy bag support to move from bike to bike. If you run a larger bag that you struggle to keep off the front tyre, even with a load thats on the lighter side, this is a good solution. The F-16 is contoured to fit around a quill stem, but may work with some threadless stems if they're on the narrower side of the spectrum.

The F-16 isn't designed to take a heavy load. I couldn't find an exact weight limit, but I'd say keep it around the 4.5KG (10lbs) mark, just to be on the safe side. Best used with something like the Voile Strap - from bag support to head tube, to have that additional bit of security.

Stainless Steel.

Platform Size - 15 x 11cm

Height - 18cm

Depth - 15cm

Made In Japan.