Nitto UI-27 Stem


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165 Grams
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Product Overview

A finely crafted 31.8mm A-Head stem from Nitto - The UI-27 has a cold-forged aluminium construction for strength and stiffness while keeping the weight down.

With the simple Nitto logo etched on the drive side, coming in polished silver or shiny black this is one gorgeous stem.

The UI-27 stem is a perfect threadless road, fixed gear or gravel stem for an aggressive position due to its -17 degree angle that runs parallel to the ground on most bikes.

And because it can be flipped for a +17 deg angle it makes a great stem for touring or town bikes, giving an upright position.

The "UI" in Nitto UI stems stands for "Ultimate Ideal."

Stack height is 40mm with a flippable 17/73 deg angle.

31.8 clamp diameter.

Made In Japan.