Panaracer Gravelking TLC Folding Tyre 700c x 38c

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555 Grams

Product Overview

King of the road? Well, that's a little limiting, isn't it? With the Panaracer GravelKing Folding TLC Tubeless ready Tyre, you can follow that ribbon of tarmac until its conclusion, and keep on going. 

Made from a natural rubber compound and furnished with a puncture protection breaker to provide cover against those sharper stones along the unbeaten track, this tyre benefits from a special low rolling resistance casing, meaning that getting to that off-piste section isn't too much of a slog.

Bulkier and sturdier than it's racing counterparts, this tyre from the Japanese hoop legends is sure to make adventure biking all thrill and no-spill, as you have the traction to take to the paths without having to nurse your front wheel through every bump in the road.