Panaracer Pasela PT+ Folding Tyre

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350 Grams

Product Overview

The Pasela PT is the ideal touring, street and commuting tyre. An all-condition tread pattern that grips well and disperses water when needed, one of the most versatile tyres on the market. 

Featuring tough folding ProTite Puncture Technology that is four times stronger than Kevlar, you need not worry about being slowed down by a flat. Combining this with 400D Lite Extra Cord makes this an incredibly resilient but surprisingly light tyre.

The PT belt an ultra-strong reinforcing additive that delivers high strength puncture resistance is applied to the tread section. Enhances the structural strength of the casing to increase puncture resistance.

400D Cord technology increases side cut resistance of the tyres while improving the rigidity during cornering. This casing reinforcement helps protect the tube from punctures without adding weight to the tyre.


Made In Japan.