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79 Grams
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From SimWorks - 

Manufactured in Japan, this batch of Tabby socks uses a more wool-rich construction, and the manufacturing method has been revised to give it a gentle touch that is unique to Japan, making it easier for you to feel the fiber and features that are unique to natural materials. Upgraded Version 2.0. It's kind of a big deal.

Manufactured now with a greatly reduced percentage of chemical fibers, with a blend that gives you the feel of natural materials and the functionality of merino wool. Wool is a fiber that does an excellent job of regulating body temperature, as well as its quick drying properties.

The cotton in Tabby helps to absorb moisture that isn't transported away from the feet. Improved strength and stretch are achieved with a small amount of nylon and polyurethane.

Although polyester boasts quick-drying properties, it is a material that absorbs odors, so it's been eliminated in this updated Tabby. Wool is a fantastic fiber for naturally neutralizing foot odors.

Loosely woven with soft tension for a comfortable fit that gently wraps your foot. A voluminous pile knitting is applied from the toe to the heel to securely support the soles of the feet.  Can be used from the field to everyday use, and can be worn with any type of footwear.

Cuff length that looks great with an array of footwear, from sandals to sneakers and hiking boots. The basic color scheme is one-tone. Wearing with sandals brings out the tonal contrast while full coverage shoes reveal just the single tone cuff. We encourage you to wear Tabby for activities ranging from spirited and sporty, to casual and lounging. 

Tabby is a natural complement to Bedrock brand sandals, as well as many other tongs and sandals you might enjoy.

Wool - 55%, Cotton - 30%, Nylon - 10%, Polyurethane - 5%

Made in Japan, Nara, Koryo-cho.

(XL's and Oxblood can be special ordered, please get in touch.)