Sapim Race Spokes And Sapim Brass Polyax Nipples


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£24.00 - £39.00
7 Grams
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Product Overview

We have made it super easy for Spokes and Nipples by combining SAPIM Race Spokes with SAPIM Polyax Brass Nipples in one easy package.

SAPIM Race spokes are double-butted and provide better shock absorption thanks to a thinner mid section than the one of a non-butted spoke. With the perfect amount of elasticity they build to tension with ease and are pre-cut for a bang on measurement.

The best all-round spoke for any discipline of cycling, they haven't failed us over the many years of riding and thousands of wheel builds.

SAPIM uses only high grade stainless steel specially drawn to their own specification. Offering high tensile strength, perfectly bent J's and immaculate threads.

More info on SAPIM can be found here.

Choose from black or silver Spokes and Nipples.

With this choice and with one of our wheel builds we shall measure up the correct spoke length for you. 

If you would like to order some Spokes and Nipples which are not for one of our wheels builds, please pop the Spoke length in the notes during the order process.

Weight is based on a single 290mm Spoke and Nipple.

32 or 36 pieces.