Schwalbe tyre G-ONE Allround 28 | 700 x 35C OneStar EVO MicroSkin TL Easy

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420 Grams

Product Overview

SCHWALBE tires G-ONE Allround 28 | 700 x 35C OneStar EVO Microskin TL Easy 

Also for the new trend of Gravel bikes offers Schwalbe One family the right tire. With the gently rolling G-One profile and Tubeless Easy art, it is a pleasure to fly over field and forest paths. 

OneStar Triple Compound 
Use of advanced polymers allows lowest rolling resistance of all Schwalbe rubber compounds previously. 
Aerodynamically optimized, revolving grooved profile for more grip and dynamic look. 

evolution Line 
The Evolution tires are the top models of the Schwalbe range. Extremely fast, very easy with good running performances make this tire of choice for all ambitious athletes! Schwalbe's top products with the best available materials to fulfill an order all asked to a tire needs! 

Microskin is the development that makes the difference compared to the previous tubeless tires. The patented design consists of a high strength micro fabric, which is vulcanized together with the rubber composition and the carcass. Microskin sheathed similar SnakeSkin on MTB tire, the entire carcass and makes a smooth Tubeless Easy operation even for high pressure tires possible. 

TL Easy 
A new page monofilament fabric brings three advantages over the previous SnakeSkin fabric: 
Even better cut resistance, increased breakdown security and especially allows an extremely lightweight tubeless conversion. The use of sealing liquid is required, but the installation is otherwise just as easily as in real tubeless tires. Lange conversion processes with intensive shaking and frequent re-inflation are no longer with Tubeless Easy. 

tire review 
Speed: outstanding 
Grip: very good 
Puncture protection: very good 
Lifetime: very good 

Technical specifications: 

Tyre Type: Folding 
intended use: Gravel Bike 
Profile: HS473 
EPI: 127 
Size (inches): 700 x 35C 
Size (ETRTO): 622-35 
Pressure: 3.0 to 5.0 bar (45-70 PSI) 
Version: Evolution Line, Microskin, TL Easy 
Compound: OneStar Compound (OSC) 

Color: Black