SimWorks Volummy Tyre - 700 x 38c

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574 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

Our goal was to make a ‘tubeless’ tyre at this time. We also had tons of requests from our customers at NAHBS 2017. By researching the market, we put all those voices into the design. As you can see on the side of the tyre, it shows the words of ‘Tubeless Compatible’.

For 700c model, we use zylon which is stronger than usual aramid for a tire bead. A higher air pressure tubeless tyre (650kPa / 95 psi).

On the sidewall, we use gumwall material. Since most of the people who do bike touring told us, “We have problem with a usual tire that the sidewall gets torn up easily”. We know that a light tyre is much more comfortable, but once you find out that it’s torn up, then you won’t be able to continue your journey at all. SimWorks Original color ‘Peanut Butter’ sidewall has high durability.

Wheel Size : 700c (622)
Tire Width : 38mm
Side Wall : Peanut Butter
Bead : Zylon
Compound : ZSG Natural Compound
Weight : 574g (Ave.)