Sensah CRX Flat Bar Shifter And Derailleur Kit

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572 Grams

Product Overview

A great and reliable 1x11 Shifter and Mech kit. Perfect for that bits 'n' bobs flat bar tourer or to upgrade a beloved town bike.

Shifters -

1x (1 by) drivetrains are easy to maintain, quick to set up, and are simple enough for anyone to hop into. And so, they are great for commuting, touring, and general adventuring.

The Flatbar CRX shifter has the same pull ratio as SRX, so you can use the SRX Rear Derailleur. The shifter is simple and effective. There are two levers. The lower one can shift up the cassette changing a maximum of 5 gears with a full sweep.

The upper lever shifts into a higher gear with either a press of your thumb or a pull of your index finger.

If you're 1x curious, looking to put a modern drivetrain on your older bike, or just want a quality shifting system, the Sensah CRX flat bar is a winner.

Mech -

The SRX rear derailleur features aluminum alloy and steel construction for durability and has a max cassette range of up to 52t. 

The derailleur features an easily adjusted spring clutch so it keeps the chain from bouncing around too much on rougher terrain. 

There is also barrel adjustor (without detents) for quick adjustments.