SimWorks John Cage

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74 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

When a young musician found hunger on his path, he looked to the ground beneath him to carry him onward 

Thus began a life-long quest for fungi and the mirror it shines on the rest of our worlds. That fascination spawned- and cast its spores through the vibrations we hear and the paths we follow.

SimWorks is pleased to offer an exclusive offering of this thoughtful piece of cycling ornament. A graceful blend of utility and understated expression- and a humble reminder that both our forested and steel worlds are intrinsically connected

Historically, SimWorks has created most of our products in collaboration with, or dependent on the expertise and manufacturing prowess of established domestic factories; but 'John Cage' is crafted in-house from the ground up. We are proud of the final product- in both it's clean but evocative lines and ease of use. 

A carefully selected gauge of stainless wire gives just-the-right flexibility, so it wraps the bottle properly and keeps it from jettisoning- even on spirited rides.  A comfortable hold makes it easy to remove and replace the bottle. In addition, by spec'ing a full-length attachment plate with 4 mounting holes, the cage can be mounted in a high or low position- adding a thoughtful accommodation for frame packs and more compact main frame triangles.

Made in Japan

From Us -

The most amazing looking bottle cage! A must have for any bike nerd.

Sold individually. But should be bought in pairs, would be a shame to have just one!