SimWorks x Circles Original Patch - YOKUNETE

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1 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

Which one do you want? ITADAKI PATCH KIT!

We have created a Circles original patch kit that is fun to choose!

A good night flower that sprinkles energy on everyone during bright hours and makes you sigh when the sun goes down. 

He often plays with a skateboard, a fishing rod, a slingshot, and all the facial parts.

A hand with a prayer to support everyone who eats well. Please forgive me for the rest.

YOKUTABE (Eat well), YOKUNETE (Sleep well), and YOKUASOBU (play well).

That is all about life.

From Us -

Patches for one and all, delicious!

Material: 100% polyester, with glue for ironing
Size: 48mm x 70mm ~ 70mm x 70mm
Made in USA by Falls Creek Outfitters
* When gluing with an iron, set the iron to a medium temperature (around 150°C / 302°F) and apply the iron over a patch or parchment paper.
* Please check the durable temperature of the fabric to be adhered before installing.
* Be careful not to get burned.
Designed by Minami Chaya in Minakami, Japan