SimWorks x Honjo Flat 65mm Mudguards


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550 Grams
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Product Overview

From SimWorks -

So many cyclists who travel around the world have been requested the widest ATB flat fender ever and here we have finally.

As you can tell from its name, it is a flat form and has very neat tire-arch. When we look at the regular fender, almost everything is arch shaped, but if you attach this flat 65, it is going to be fresh and looks perfectly modern. Not only covering up the wide tire, but also it looks sporty and very light. If you are looking for something new, then this is it.

Comes with Front & Rear fender & Standard Stay Kit.

650b or 29er/700c

Max tyre size (Estimate) 2.2"

From Us -

Finally a mudguard for a huge tyre! SimWorks have ticked a box with these lovey flat and wide guards.

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen from polished aluminium - Honjo Koken mudguards are such a work of art that you will probably not want to get them wet! Located just outside of Tokyo- Honjo Koken have been manufacturing these quality items since 1945. Each batch of mudguards are made to order.

Please read SimWorks advisory before purchase.

Helpful links and tips for installation for your Honjo Mud Guards.