null - DJAGAD Bag

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1,260 Grams

Product Overview

Awesome handmade bags coming out of the Indonesian island of Java. Incredibly well thought out and designed bags that can be attached to handlebars, sit snug in baskets or atop porteur racks.

Handle Bar Mode - Using the supplied straps simply pick 2 of the built in loops that suits your bars best, feed straps through the loops then bar and tighten. These bags will fit almost any bar! Using the 3rd strap repeat the process but on your headtube or steerer tube. Can hold up to 10kg like this.

Basket/Rack Mode - Same method as above, but instead using the sewn in loops on the bottom of the bag. Using the Djagad bag like this, more weight can be carried also offering more stability. Designed around the Wald 137 basket this workhorse of a bag fits effortlessly and neatly in said basket size.

Side pockets allow for goodies to be stored with easy access on the fly or chilling at your favourite spot.

The fabulous expandable 'popper' style long flap keeps the contents neat, tidy and dry when not in use and can then be opened and extended to carry more.

Although this bag is very water resistant we would recommend a dry bag in the winter/hammering it down on longer excursions, just in case.

Made from CPE Canvas with waterproof lining and a massive 38L volume when fully extended.

W 18cm | L 34cm | H 25cm | H 50cm When Open

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