TRNK Component Light Mount

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26 Grams

Product Overview

Established 2020 TRNK Component hail from Jakarta, Indonesia. Fresh to the game and starting to shed light on the simple but essential parts of cycling, they believe that small and simple details can make the difference to create perfection. With an eye for colour and a touch of flair these guys have new designs, new products and an arsenal of colours coming soon, watch this space!

A tidy and colourful light mount that can be fitted to any bicycle shaped machine. Shed the light! Shred the trail!

Can be fitted to any M5 threaded eyelet or mount on a frame, fork or rack. Use the nut and bolt provided to attach if needed, which can be the case with some racks. You could even use one on each side of a rack to help anchor bungees or straps when carrying bulkier loads.

Made of 6062 aluminium and coming in an array anodised colours, this neat little accessory allows your light to be mounted lower giving you a better view of the ground and road ahead, illuminating bumps and potholes with ease, at the same time not blinding other cyclists.

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