TRP Hylex RS Disc Brake Set For Flat Mount

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900 Grams

Product Overview

This brake set is for single speed aficionados, the rider who wants simplicity without sacrificing braking performance. The TRP Hylex RS is a hydraulic brake kit ready to be fitted and ridden hard! A drilled out lever blade shaves weight and improves grip. Low-profile ergonomically shaped lever body for comfort, perfect for fixed or single speed Audax rides. 

This is the only fully hydraulic disc brake system without integrated shifters for drop bars on the market. If you love bar-end, down tube or stem mount shifters but need the hydro braking power, this brake set is for you! 

Front Brake is a right-handed lever attached to a hose coupler and 900mm of hose.

Rear Brake is a left-handed lever attached to a hose coupler and 1500mm of hose.

Rotors and flat mount mounting bolts not included. Flat Mount 160/140 adapters included. Compatible with Shimano K02S/K04S pads.

Flat Mount.

Price Per Pair.