Velo Orange Belleville Handlebar

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250 Grams

Product Overview

This is our reproduction of what is probably the most popular style of French city and utility bike bars ever. Anyone who enjoys classic European films has seen bars like this dozens of times.

The Belleville is 43cm wide (or 45cm outside-to outside) and has zero rise. That's fairly narrow for a city bar, which is an advantage in traffic. Reach is about 18cm; the straight grip section is a generous 150mm.

25.4mm clamp area. Aluminum alloy.

These bars are available in two tubing diameters, 23.8mm road-sized and 22.2mm mountain bike-sized (clamp area is 25.4mm on both):

  • 22.2mm (MTB-size) bars accept MTB brake levers and clamp-on shifters. They do not work with bar-end shifters. The only inverse levers that work are Dia Compe levers in the 22.2mm size.
  • 23.8mm (road-size) bars accept standard inverse brake levers, standard inverse shifters, and 23.8mm city brake levers. In short, anything made for road bars fits. They do not accept MTB levers or shifters.


  • Stem Clamp: 25.4mm
  • Grip: 22.2mm/23.8mm
  • Rise: 0
  • Reach: 180mm
  • Sweep: N/A
  • Grip Length: 150mm
  • Width: 430mm