SimWorks Fun 3 Bar

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508 Grams

Product Overview

From SimWorks -

It evolved from a myth to become a Simworks staple.

So many people asked us about it. "What is this bar?" "Do you still have any in stock? or do you plan to produce more?" "We really would like you to re-produce that bar again, please!". We really wanted to answer all these requests immediately and make their wish come true, but we needed to give up the re-production because of so many reasons and that weird bending process was hard to maintain... However, we still had passion and tenacity of purpose to do something about it, so now we finally gave birth to this amazing FUN 3 Bar.

We used to use aluminum to make this bar for off-road bikes and we were proud of making the strongest one. However, we ran out of aluminum tubing and didn't want to use something heavier than it used to be, so we had to create something lighter by using chromoly. We did so many strength tests, having spent 5 years, now we finally have this on the production. 

This new type FUN 3 BAR was created by NITTO's strong will saying that nothing can be bent. Moreover, this new type of ATB bar should be fitting any type of bicycle.

Material - CrMo Steel